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Apex by Sunlight 2V 1842Ah C100 / 1380Ah C10

Apex by Sunlight 2V 1842Ah C100 / 1380Ah C10
Product Code: ARG-12-OPzV-1680
Recommended Retail: 1367.3
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1,367.30
Ex Tax: $1,243.00
Positive Plates • Tubular plate design • Optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy reducing hydrogen evolution • Red Lead in-house production by 99.99% Pure Lead • Dry Filling process Negative Plates • Pasted negative plates of grid design • Paste mixture that ensures high adherence and cohesion • Optimized corrosion resistant Lead Calcium Tin Alloy • Robust construction • Long life expander Gauntlet • Highly porous woven material • Optimum compression of the active material Bottom Bar • Ultrasonic welding Pole Bridge • Welding with high quality alloy • Optimized design Electrolyte • Immobilized in GEL form sulphuric acid with nominal density of 1,26 kg/l (20°C) • State of the art GEL filling equipment • High purity silica for GEL formation • Effective diffusion of GEL Separators • Manufactured from microporous silica-based PVC material • Allow migration of ions during charge/discharge • More acid in the surrounding area of the plates Container / Lid • Heavy Duty ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadien Styrene) Material • Optionally flame retardant (Class V0) ABS material • Sealing between container – lid with polyurethane Stobicoll resin • 100% leakage quality control with high precision Froehlich equipment Valve • Maintenance-free design • Pressure relief • Integral flame arrestor Sliding Poles • Premium sliding design with rubber seal in the lid • Corrosion resistance Pole Insert • Brass insert • Threaded female M10 terminal posts External Intercell Connectors • Flexible Copper • Fully insulated • Fixed with plastic head bolt safety screw and probe hole on the top Monoblocks’ Internal Intercell Connectors • Copper bars premium design • Outside of the container connection Telecom Networks • Autonomous remote communication hubs such as cellular base stations, repeaters and VSATs Mini-Grids • Electricity to isolated off-grid areas or regions with unstable power supply Residential Installations • Off-grid or smart grid connected power systems electrifying homes, hotels, hospitals, schools or factories Traffic Systems • Signaling and lighting to roads, railways, airports and marines

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